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The Nightcrawlers

An unflinching, verité-style exposé, “The Nightcrawlers” follows a determined group of photojournalists on their mission to chronicle the deadly battle being waged against the Philippines’ drug epidemic — and the tragic cost of this brutal crusade. Directed with pulse-pounding intensity by first-time director Alexander A. Mora, the documentary trails Raffy Lerma, a former staff photographer for a prominent newspaper, as he joins forces with a team of bold freelance photojournalists, or “nightcrawlers,” who are covering a wave of extrajudicial killings that, by some estimates, has claimed as many as 27,000 lives. With unprecedented access the film also features shocking interviews with members of a mysterious death squad that prowls the city’s back alleys in search of people they are paid to kill with impunity.

Watch the Film:

Watch the Film on YouTube HERE!

Watch the Q&A:

We had an unforgettable Q&A with Alexander A. Mora, Director of The Nightcrawlers and Impact Producer, Mariana Ribeiro. This Q&A was conducted in English.


Looking for things to do during the lockdown? Join me for an online screening of The Nightcrawlers today at 2 PM ET, followed by a Q&A with the film director at 3 pm ET! RSVP here: #StayHomeWatchTogether

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