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Enough with Catcalling // Chega de Fiu Fiu

Chega de Fiu Fiu (Enough with Catcalling)

1) RSVP through the form below to watch the film (Running time approx 1 hour 40 mins)

You will be sent a link to watch the film on the day of the screening that will expire within 24 hours.

English: We would suggest starting the film at 4 PM (EST) / 9 PM (UK) / 5 PM (BRT) to finish in time for the English Q&A.

Portuguese: We would suggest starting the film at 3 PM (EST) / 8 PM (UK) / 6 PM (BRT) to finish in time for the Portuguese Q&A.

1) Confirme através do formulário abaixo para assistir ao filme (Duração aproximada de 1 hora e 40 minutos)

Você receberá um link para assistir ao filme no dia da exibição que expirará em 24 horas.

Inglês: sugerimos iniciar o filme às 4 PM (EST) / 9 PM (UK) / 5 PM (BRT) para terminar a tempo do debate em inglês.

Português: sugerimos iniciar o filme às 3 PM (EST) / 8 PM (UK) / 6 PM (BRT) para terminar a tempo do debate em português.

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Will you be joining the activity in English or Portuguese? / em qual língua você participará do debate?

2) Join for a live Q&A in English or Portuguese

English: 5:10 PM (EST) / 10:10 PM (UK) / 6:10 (BRT) RSVP for the Q&A 

Join for a Q&A with Emily May (Co-Founder and Executive Director of iHollaback), Amanda Kamancheck (Film Director) and Juliana de Faria (Think Olga Director).

Portuguese: 6:10 PM (EST / 11:10 PM (UK)/ 7:10 (BRT) RSVP for the Q&A

Join for a Q&A with Amanda Kamanchek (Film Director),  Juliana de Faria (Think Olga Director) and Giulliana Biancone (Gênero e Número Director)

2) Participe do debate ao vivo em inglês ou português

Inglês: 5:10 PM (EST) / 10:10 PM (UK) / 6:10 (BRT): confirmação para participação no debate

Participe do debate online com Emily May (co- fundadora e diretora executiva do iHollaback), Amanda Kamancheck (Diretora do Filme) e Juliana de Faria (Diretora do Think Olga).

Português: 6:10 PM (EST) / 11:10 PM (UK)/ 7:10 (BRT) : confirmação para participação no debate

Participe do debate online com Amanda Kamanchek (diretora do filme), Giulliana Bianconi (Diretora da Gênero e Número) e Juliana de Faria (Diretora da Think Olga)

Were the cities made for women? The film Enough with Catcalling tells the story of Raquel, Rosa and Teresa, who live in three different Brazilian cities and through activism, art and poetry, resist and propose new ways of living in the public space.

As cidades foram feitas para as mulheres? O filme "Chega de Fiu Fiu" narra a história de Raquel, Rosa e Teresa, moradoras de três cidades brasileiras, que, por meio de ativismo, arte e poesia resistem e propõem novas formas de (con)viver no espaço público.

Connecting with #StayHomeWatchTogether: Why watch Chega de Fiu Fiu now?

During the COVID19 pandemic, there is a global concern about the risk of increased domestic violence against women. This film raises awareness about the scope of violence and harassment against women, and offers multiple ideas for how to make real and positive change:

  • 1 in 3 women worldwide suffer from physical or sexual violence (WHO, 2013), and in Brazil, a woman is raped every 11 minutes (Brazil Public Security Forum)

  • Violence against women in all of its forms, including street harassment, is a societal problem that must be addressed by changing individuals’ minds and behaviors, community norms, and social policies

  • The tendency to blame victims for their own harassment and abuse is both the result of, and a way to perpetuate, the underlying idea that men have the right to control women’s bodies

  • In feminism, as in any social movement, it is critical to take into account the intersectionality of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, physical ability and others, because people with multiple marginalized identities experience oppression differently.

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